Small group emerges from Hillstreet Baptist Church to form
Tried Stone Missionary Baptist Church.  Worshipped in basement of building on corner of Livingston and Congress Streets.
One room building constructed for worshippers on Southside Ave
at Gaston St.
16 member congregation calls Rev. Benjamin F. Brewer to pastor Tried Stone Missionary Baptist Church
Worship location sold.  Congregation relocates to old Markham building on Southside Ave. near Beach Hill St.
Membership increases to 50
Markham building sold.  Congregation moves to building on Knoxville Place. Congregation merged with Brooklyn Chapel at Knoxville Place site.
Sister Rosa Brewer and Sister Mary L. Sanders organize the Senior Choir
Rev. Brewer purchases a lot on Sorrells St. and the church family constructs a small one room cinder block building for worship.
Continued growth saw a need for a larger building.
Young Adult Choir is formed led by Brother J. Cornell Proctor
The Music Ministry is started to attract young people
Congregation continues to grow and there is much need for a larger building.
Housing Authority of the City of Asheville acquires building to make improvements in East End -Valley Street Redevelopment Project area
Congregation of Tried Stone moves to auditorium of the Allen Center.
Several area churches give aid through use of facilities:  Nazareth 1st Baptist, World Wide Baptist Tabernacle and United Methodist Church. 
June 21, 1985  Rev. Brewer and congregation along with Mud Creek Missionary Baptist Assoc. broke ground on Carroll Avenue
June 24, 1985  General contractor D.V. Ward begins work under the watchful eyes of architect T. Edmond Whitman
February 16, 1986  Rev. Brewer leads Congregation in a procession down MLK Jr. Drive to new Church Home at 100 Carroll Ave.
October 1, 1993 Fire destroys Church entirely
October 3, 1993  Service is held in parking lot of the destroyed church building
Sheriff Charles Long of Buncombe County Sheriff’s Dept. offers their facility as long as needed
March 5, 1994  Rev. Benjamín f. Brewer, beloved Pastor of Tried Stone for 52 years passes
Tried Stone is without a pastor
Service continues under Associate Ministers Rev. Otis Ware, Dr. Paul Miller, Dr. Clydell Johnson, Elder Alfred E. Blount and Rev. Daniel Harrison and the Board of Deacons.
September 1998  Tried Stone again is without a home.  Buncombe County Sherriff’s Dept. has a need for the building
October 1998  Rev. J. W. Brewster of Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church and members, through much prayer, leases their annex building to Tried Stone
Elder Alfred E. Blount, one of Tried Stone’s own sons is welcomed as pastor
March 9, 2002  Ground Breaking Ceremony held at 100 Carroll Ave for new church building
Architect Jerry Young and General Contractor Gerald Page handles project
September 7, 2003   Procession led by Pastor Alfred E. Blount from temporary location to new Tried Stone building.